About Me

Hi!, I’m Linda Whiteman (Ms. Linda – The Money Coach) welcome to my business & personal finance blog. Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a single parent household in Southern California. I learned the value of money as a teen. I started working at 16 and was able to save $1,600 and paid cash for my first car. Because I loved numbers, I would later spend my time with my friend’s father learning about investing. He taught me about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and business.


After getting my degree in accounting, I worked in the mortgage industry which helped me understand inflation and the importance of owning real estate. I worked for a Fortune 500 corporation, German Bank and obtain my MBA. I was a business professor for 7 years and love teaching others. Personally, I raised my beautiful daughter in a single parent home. She would be my biggest supporter in my life. She is a kind and loving person. I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished in her life.  

As you know, life and business are in cycles. March 2020, I was laid off and decided to use my background in finance and marketing to expand my consulting business. I started teaching kids about financial literacy globally and started 1:1, and group coaching. I have taught over 400 financial education classes to 2,500 students in 40 countries. I now make money online which allows me to travel. I get to continue my hobby of, saving money, and using points and miles, to travel the world. I earned over 1 million miles on American Airlines and 2 million miles & points across several hotels and brands.

I am now ready to share my knowledge. I want to help others make money online – start blogs, learn affiliate marketing, start online stores – dropping, and utilize business software to develop and streamline businesses.

Linda Whiteman

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